The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Saturday, February 26, 2011

As the Sick Consumes Us

Ah yes, The insidious Flu bug has made it's rounds in my house this past week. Flu has been terrorizing other homes in our community as well... but it seems to have hit our house the hardest. It all started on Thursday, Feb 17th. I was feeling achy, sore and grumpy. This usually isn't how i normally feel so i knew something was up. after a trip to the dentist for Miss Bug for a chipped tooth and i was ACHING to get home and become reacquainted with my old friend Miss Heating Pad. by the time bedtime rolls around i was half out of my gourd anyways. Saturday the 19th was LalaBear's 5th Birthday Party. Although she didn't turn 5 until the following Tuesday, we had it on a more convenient Saturday instead. the problem with having a birthday party when there is an epidemic going around is that you either have everyone call to say that they are sick and won't be coming, which leads to a very sad little birthday girl OR Everyone comes even though they are horribly ill and in which case they spread it to you.
We did get a mix of both categories to the party. Lucky us.

I've dealt with sick kids before but i must say Mr. Chubbs takes the cake this time. within 24 hours of being around me and the other sick people at the party.. he got it too. A cough, stuffy face, achy joints, pain. By Sunday night he looked half baked and not in a good way. Rosey cheeks, a slitty eyed look. This look  stayed on his face until Thursday. If he wasn't sleeping, he was screaming. He looked a bit better Friday morning but by today he was worse again. I had to take him to a walk in clinic because no where else was open at 5:30pm on a Saturday!  The Dr. took one look in Mr. Chubbs ears and said "yup... He's got an ear infection"
Fun..... So now Mr. Chubbs is on antibiotics... and is on the mend hopefully.
My only issue now is LaLa Bear. She's crashing health wise it seems... She can kinda pull it together during most of the day it seems but once 3pm hits she's sliding downhill. Stuffy face, a cough, achy bones.. Enough to send her into tears at times. Poor little thing.. I hate seeing my kids sick. The only one in the whole house that hasn't gotten anything is Miss Bug! I swear to God that girl has steel for an immune system. It's very very rare that she is ever sick. Good genes i guess.
I'm feeling better thank goodness, just wiped physically from being so sick. My in laws have this flu now as well... they are not to happy about it either.
So yes Flu has grabbed ahold of this house... so we're on quarantine here.
Hopefully no one else catches it and Flu can just die off quickly.... and leave us alone! lol
I'm done with this sick stuff.. BE GONE FLU! BE GONE!

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