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The Three
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day......

Ah yes.... everyone's favorite made up holiday is back again this year. We've been seduced with red, heart shaped boxed filled with mediocre chocolates, fluffy stuffed animals holding those annoying but some how adorable heart pillows that say "I wuv you" on them for MONTHS now... and it's all leading up to today.  Valentine's day isn't a real holiday... you don't get the day off,  and you aren't paid time and half for it. It's a made up holiday so that card companies, stuffed animal companies and chocolate makers could make more money in a single day then they would in a whole year.
I mean there is most likely a history to this type of day. No doubt the Pagans had a love day, where they would wine, dine and um... well you get the idea. And to help the transition from Paganism to "Proper Religion" like Christianity, the big wigs most likely stole the concept and put a religious spin on it. (note: I do not see Christianity as a proper religion at all especially over other religions... I'm being sarcastic) St. Valentine was just a monk from what i understand... a monk who would preform marriages when it was outlawed to do so and the risk of his own neck. I guess that's romantic when you think about it. A man risking life and limb to keep love in the world. I'd celebrate that for sure.... but maybe not to the extent we do now.

Suddenly, what was just a wonderful, romantic gesture.. an inspiration even..has been twisted into a way to suck money from the average Joe. It's become a competition now of who can get the better gifts and so forth.
We women turn into skeptical beings when Valentine's day rolls around! We think if our other halves don't cough up the prettiest shinny thing out there then that somehow says subliminally that they don't loves us like we thought they did. Did you know that more relationships BREAK UP on Valentine's Day than any other day of the year? Yup it's true. Considering this is supposed to be the day of LOVE.... not much of it seems to be going around. Now for those of you with a special somebody in your life, who are very happy as you are and actually like Valentine's day and all it represents... Awesome! good for you. Having someone you love express themselves on any day is great, i guess with it being V day as well it means something more. although people expect grandiose gestures today so to me it would diminish the thought behind it. I'd rather get flowers or something when it wasn't expected (not that i expect anything on v day) I think that getting something out of the blue and "just because I love you" is much more exciting!
My Valentine is far away today. He's working hard to provide for us. I miss him and he knows that. He sent me a little Valentine's Day e card that was very sweet and i love. he sent one to the kids too.

It's never about the gifts though. I do enjoy gifts, who doesn't! But what I mean is, It's about the person in your life that lights up a room when they see you, the person that has seen you at your worst (Norwalk of 2006! remember hun? ) and your best (I'm not sure when that would have been! lol) the person who will kiss you even with dreaded morning breath just because your kisses are the best. It's about what the two of you share. Love is blind. it doesn't discriminate. Love nurtures, heals, protects. It isn't about toys, candy or flowers. Love is a free entity in the universe and can not be destroyed.

So if you have a special someone, even if it's your cat... grab a hold of that someone and give them a squeeze! spread the joy of love around... Cupid will be grateful.

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