The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Saturday, February 26, 2011

As the Sick Consumes Us

Ah yes, The insidious Flu bug has made it's rounds in my house this past week. Flu has been terrorizing other homes in our community as well... but it seems to have hit our house the hardest. It all started on Thursday, Feb 17th. I was feeling achy, sore and grumpy. This usually isn't how i normally feel so i knew something was up. after a trip to the dentist for Miss Bug for a chipped tooth and i was ACHING to get home and become reacquainted with my old friend Miss Heating Pad. by the time bedtime rolls around i was half out of my gourd anyways. Saturday the 19th was LalaBear's 5th Birthday Party. Although she didn't turn 5 until the following Tuesday, we had it on a more convenient Saturday instead. the problem with having a birthday party when there is an epidemic going around is that you either have everyone call to say that they are sick and won't be coming, which leads to a very sad little birthday girl OR Everyone comes even though they are horribly ill and in which case they spread it to you.
We did get a mix of both categories to the party. Lucky us.

I've dealt with sick kids before but i must say Mr. Chubbs takes the cake this time. within 24 hours of being around me and the other sick people at the party.. he got it too. A cough, stuffy face, achy joints, pain. By Sunday night he looked half baked and not in a good way. Rosey cheeks, a slitty eyed look. This look  stayed on his face until Thursday. If he wasn't sleeping, he was screaming. He looked a bit better Friday morning but by today he was worse again. I had to take him to a walk in clinic because no where else was open at 5:30pm on a Saturday!  The Dr. took one look in Mr. Chubbs ears and said "yup... He's got an ear infection"
Fun..... So now Mr. Chubbs is on antibiotics... and is on the mend hopefully.
My only issue now is LaLa Bear. She's crashing health wise it seems... She can kinda pull it together during most of the day it seems but once 3pm hits she's sliding downhill. Stuffy face, a cough, achy bones.. Enough to send her into tears at times. Poor little thing.. I hate seeing my kids sick. The only one in the whole house that hasn't gotten anything is Miss Bug! I swear to God that girl has steel for an immune system. It's very very rare that she is ever sick. Good genes i guess.
I'm feeling better thank goodness, just wiped physically from being so sick. My in laws have this flu now as well... they are not to happy about it either.
So yes Flu has grabbed ahold of this house... so we're on quarantine here.
Hopefully no one else catches it and Flu can just die off quickly.... and leave us alone! lol
I'm done with this sick stuff.. BE GONE FLU! BE GONE!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunday Funnies

Oh it's been a few days since i posted.. and I'm sorry for that. but life gets in the way sometimes!

Anyways! Here is this weeks installment of "The Sunday Funnies" Enjoy!

We are all sick. Every single one of us. Sick with a cold. LalaBear is not happy with me either. She insists that I gave her the cold she has. It true i most likely did.

All she says now is "I got Mommy germs! She gave them to me... This is not a good birthday present!"

Well i dunno how funny that is... but i think it's cute.
pics to follow from the party....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

P.I.E Parenting Isn't Easy

So I'm taking a Parenting class. I've done a few in my life since having children. It's not mandatory that i go to theses classes or anything, I'm going because i want to!  Imagine that! Anyways.. P.I.E stands for Parenting Isn't Easy and so far I'm having a good time with it.
The first meeting was last week and we talked about Self Care (for parents) and Self Esteem for Children. Here is what i learned.

Self Care is important to all parents. You can't care for someone else properly unless you are feeling properly cared for as well. Here are some tips to help with Self Care

Discover a Simple Pleasure: this can be something as small as getting up 10 minutes earlier to grab a cup of joe before the house stirs. Having a chance to collect your thoughts in silence before everyone wakes can help keep your sanity. and we all know that a sane mum or dad is a good thing.
Keep a Sane Pace: this means slow down! Stop rushing! you will see a change in yourself and your children if you slow down.

Give Yourself an extra 10 minutes: This would go along with keeping a sane pace as well. If you  set up an extra 10 minutes to do everything in your daily routine then You won't be rushing and causing panic in yourself and children. Peaceful days means peaceful nights! If you aren't rushed all the time you are able to focus better, relax and enjoy your children, who  in turn will relax around you. It's win/win.

Think of taking care of your home like Building a Bridge: You don't build a bridge in one day! It takes planning and time. Plan to do a certain amount of home management a day and that's it until the house is clean. Don't drive yourself crazy over it.

Stay Healthy: Eat Right! Drink Water: If you are at peak performance you are better able to give your children the best of you. This means getting enough sleep as well.

Create a Selfish Ritual: Find something you love to do and do it without guilt. This can be hard sometimes, especially for those of us who subscribe to "Mommy's Home Martyr" If you can't get away, how do you expect to stay sane? Don't feel guilty for leaving your little ones with a friend or a family member for a few hours. If you are refreshed and rejuvenated... your children will be too. Ab stance makes the heart grow fonder!

Self Esteem in Children
Well I got this handy little fridge magnet on 20 ways to show kids you care... Here is what it says:
1) Notice Them
2) Giggle Together
3) Tell them their feelings are okay.
4) Smile a lot.
5) Listen to them.
6) Share their excitement.
7) Be Nice.
8) Play with them.
9) Tell them of Terrific they are.
10) Cuddle them.
11) Read Together.
12) Make Time to Be with them.
13) Be Yourself.
14) Say Yes a lot.
15) Accept them as they are  (very important)
16) Hug them.
17) Be relaxed.
18) Build something together.
19) Be available.
20) Love them no matter what.

Hopefully this post will help you out in some way. Being in the P.I.E program has helped to remind me that sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Tomorrow will be about this Weeks installment of P.I.E  all about Daily Rituals, Traditions and Schedules and well as How Children Learn Through Play. Stay Tuned!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day......

Ah yes.... everyone's favorite made up holiday is back again this year. We've been seduced with red, heart shaped boxed filled with mediocre chocolates, fluffy stuffed animals holding those annoying but some how adorable heart pillows that say "I wuv you" on them for MONTHS now... and it's all leading up to today.  Valentine's day isn't a real holiday... you don't get the day off,  and you aren't paid time and half for it. It's a made up holiday so that card companies, stuffed animal companies and chocolate makers could make more money in a single day then they would in a whole year.
I mean there is most likely a history to this type of day. No doubt the Pagans had a love day, where they would wine, dine and um... well you get the idea. And to help the transition from Paganism to "Proper Religion" like Christianity, the big wigs most likely stole the concept and put a religious spin on it. (note: I do not see Christianity as a proper religion at all especially over other religions... I'm being sarcastic) St. Valentine was just a monk from what i understand... a monk who would preform marriages when it was outlawed to do so and the risk of his own neck. I guess that's romantic when you think about it. A man risking life and limb to keep love in the world. I'd celebrate that for sure.... but maybe not to the extent we do now.

Suddenly, what was just a wonderful, romantic gesture.. an inspiration even..has been twisted into a way to suck money from the average Joe. It's become a competition now of who can get the better gifts and so forth.
We women turn into skeptical beings when Valentine's day rolls around! We think if our other halves don't cough up the prettiest shinny thing out there then that somehow says subliminally that they don't loves us like we thought they did. Did you know that more relationships BREAK UP on Valentine's Day than any other day of the year? Yup it's true. Considering this is supposed to be the day of LOVE.... not much of it seems to be going around. Now for those of you with a special somebody in your life, who are very happy as you are and actually like Valentine's day and all it represents... Awesome! good for you. Having someone you love express themselves on any day is great, i guess with it being V day as well it means something more. although people expect grandiose gestures today so to me it would diminish the thought behind it. I'd rather get flowers or something when it wasn't expected (not that i expect anything on v day) I think that getting something out of the blue and "just because I love you" is much more exciting!
My Valentine is far away today. He's working hard to provide for us. I miss him and he knows that. He sent me a little Valentine's Day e card that was very sweet and i love. he sent one to the kids too.

It's never about the gifts though. I do enjoy gifts, who doesn't! But what I mean is, It's about the person in your life that lights up a room when they see you, the person that has seen you at your worst (Norwalk of 2006! remember hun? ) and your best (I'm not sure when that would have been! lol) the person who will kiss you even with dreaded morning breath just because your kisses are the best. It's about what the two of you share. Love is blind. it doesn't discriminate. Love nurtures, heals, protects. It isn't about toys, candy or flowers. Love is a free entity in the universe and can not be destroyed.

So if you have a special someone, even if it's your cat... grab a hold of that someone and give them a squeeze! spread the joy of love around... Cupid will be grateful.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Funnies

Do you remember when you were little and you'd steal your dad's Sunday paper because it had the most comic strips in it? Well think of The Sunday Funnies as just like that but staring my lovely children instead. I will try to put a funny up every Sunday that my kids have either done or said for your enjoyment....

So here is the first installment of "The Sunday Funnies"  sit back, relax, enjoy!

So I don't allow my children to watch too much TV. When they do have to much (which is rare, but happens mostly when we are having a "Lazy Day") they tend to be moody, mean and just unlikeable. so to make every one's life easier they kids are allowed 90 minutes of TV a day or one movie (no matter how long it is)
So today after a whirlwind trip into town for groceries and back, my girls (Bug and Lala Bear) were desperate for some tube time. I put them off as much as i could knowing that once they sat in front of the idiot box, it would take some coercing to get them off  again.
Lala Bear was insistent "Mama can we watch TV now"  "can we have the kid shows on now PLEASE PLEASE MAMA!" lol
Me: OK fine go turn on some cartoons
Lala Bear: Kid Movie!
Me: Cartoons
Lala Bear: KID MOVIE!
Me: How about Nothing....
Lala Bear: Yay! Cartoons!

Muwahahahahahaha.... Mama: 1 Kids:  0!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Great Day Out

Today was a GREAT day!
As i mentioned in my earlier post we went skating then sledding today with some friends! Lala Bear Has never really been on skates before so this was a new experience for her. She of course fell on her bum many times, but over all had a GREAT time! And she did really well considering this was the first time. She was off "shimmying" on her own with in 10 minutes of being at the rink. The air was crisp and clean, the girls had lots of fun. Now, Mr. Chubbs on the other hand, fell asleep in the car on the way to the rink and so did not participate... My MIL took him home for me so he could rest. The poor boy was just totally wrecked and needed his sleep. So there i was with just my girls and we were having a grand time! It was back to how it was a few years ago when it was just the girls.... and Mr. Chubbs hadn't been born yet. It was nice to just be with my girls. It's something i don't get to do alot anymore. Mr. Chubbs takes up a lot of my time, even now at 16 months old. We had a great time. Then about an hour later we decided that we had had enough of skating. Well Lala Bear and her friend Sophia decided they had enough of skating, Bug on the other hand wanted to stay all day. I had to promise her that i would bring her back to the rink again this coming week... I'm not sure how I'll manage to do that quite yet.. it's a busy week!
So We all piled into our cars and Kim and Sophia (along with Bug and Lala Bear ) drove to our house for SLEDDING! woohoo!
I had to wrangle our puppy, Belle first though. After her muzzle and leash were on, she was allowed to join out party outside. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm trying to calm our 6 month old pup down a little but teaching her that it's not OK to jump up on and bite anyone. I saw that she was being good so i took off the leash. The later took of the muzzle. Ah... yeah not such a great idea as she ran down our sledding hill and promptly grabbed little Sophia's arm and dragged her down the hill still on the sled.  Oh boy! I was slightly embarrassed by her bad behaviour.
Regardless, we had a great time and the girls were soaked through their snow pants and jackets... After about an hour of hanging out on the hill with Kim and Sophia, we decided it was til to call it a day. We made plans to meet up tomorrow if we weren't busy and said goodbye.

We all went inside and just hung out til dinner, which was tomato soup with macaroni noddles in it.. yummy!
Now after the little ones have their bath (the little ones being Lala Bear and Mr. Chubbs) we are now about to go play Lego Harry Potter on the PS3.

Goodnight Blogging World, Sleep tight.

This post is about...

Nothing, and Everything.
It's Saturday, The chores are pretty much done, No plans are on the horizon. Today is just a day.
So what does one do with  just a day? I spend it with my kids of course! We are going skating today at our outdoor community rink. A friend will be joining us as well. Then we will all head back to our home to use our awesome sledding hill!
It's funny, I'm usually the one who will hang out watching movies all day. I really am not a physical person at all. I was the girl in high school that would skip P.E on a daily basis because i hated it so darn much.
Lately though, I'm bored. TV is boring, my kids are insistent that we spend some quality time together in the snow. So I've gotten myself up and and ready to go... wanting nothing but a fun filled day.

Lala Bear has been vocalizing her emotions a lot lately. She misses her daddy a lot. She is telling friends and neighbours, heck! complete strangers about how much she misses him. It's hard for her. Although she is turning 5 in a few days ( 10 days!!) she doesn't quite understand that daddy doesn't come home from work every night anymore. It's so hard for me to explain this to her. We call him every night and that seems to help her a bit but she's been her daddy's right hand girl all her life and suddenly he isn't home. It's so sad to hear her talk about him. She's also been super sensitive lately as well. So I'm hoping a fun filled day with a best buddy (Our friends, Kim and her daughter Sophia) will help take her mind off missing her dad.
So here we go, off on a fun filled adventure to the skating rink! Lala Bear hasn't skated really before so we will see how it goes!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Laundry, Laundry Everywhere!

There isn't one thing in the whole world that I detest more than doing laundry. It's just a mundane, time consuming chore that seems NEVER ENDING to me. I do laundry everyday usually. Sometimes i skip a day here and there, but usually it's 1-3 loads of laundry a day.  Now on Monday i finished all the laundry in Bug and Lala Bear's hampers. They were overflowing  so instead of being 2 loads, it was closer to 5 loads. So i get to work on it! It took me 2 days to finish JUST their laundry from their hampers. (so laundry was started on Friday) It is now 3 days later and the hampers are over flowing AGAIN! How does this happen? I think this past week I've washed EVERY article of clothing they own at least once already (maybe even twice) but still the hampers are overflowing. This again will be a 2 day long chore, just for the girls' clothes. I also have to do 5 days worth of My and Mr. Chubbs clothes because I've just spent the better part of a week doing just the girls' clothes!
How does this happen! I don't get it. 2 girls should be going through  1 shirt a day, 1 pair of pants a day and 1 sock and undies a day.... that's 6 articles of clothing for 3 days per kid..... and trust me the hamper has at least 8 days worth of clothes in it. I don't understand at all.
So today I'm on load #2 already and waiting for the 1st load to finish drying. Ah yes... the dryer. Even though i hate doing laundry, i love our dryer. Odd i know. But if you consider that until 18 months ago we didn't have a dryer, it's not a hard to understand why i love our dryer so much. I mean before we got the dryer my ability to wash clothes was limited to how much of the wet laundry i could fit onto our 2 gullwing hang dryers.
Yep. I was only able to do 2 loads of laudry every 2 days as it would take a day and a half to dry the first loads... This of course was in the colder months of the year when using the outside line was impossible. There is no point in putting wet clothes out on an outside line to "Dry" when it's - 11 out. It doesn't dry.. it freezes.. to the LINE. So yes.. I love our Dryer. in 40 minutes (or less depending on the size of the load) i can get a massive amount of wet clothing, dry! Hurray for the industrial revolution!

Now if i could only find away to steal Mary Poppin's magical powers and just snap away all this laundry and have it clean, folded and put away into drawers.

Yes... drawers my children don't put clothes into....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Happy, Hectic Day

 So far today is a happy, hectic day for us here! This morning was Playgroup! Every Wednesday from 10am til 12pm a bunch of us moms get together with our kids and hang out. Well today was our Valentine's Party! We had food, Fun and there was tines of new babies there as well! All those cute babies makes me want another one ASAP! lol

After lunch it's Sparks and Brownies for me and my girls! Well technically Miss Bug is a Guide now but she likes to hang out with us. Lala Bear is an Honorary Spark Member as she has to be in Kindergarten to be a Spark and she doesn't start Kindergarten until this coming September. Anywho, This weeks is going to be about the Chinese New Year, which we would have done last week but we had to cancel the meeting because the other leader was very sick. So We're doing Chinese New Year this week and working on our Invitations to next week's meeting which is "Bring a Friend" Day!

I really enjoy being a leader for Girl Guides of Canada. I enjoy my sparks (k-grade 1) and my brownies (grades 2-3) and have a great time with them! So far we have worked on our "Being a Spark" and "Being Me" Badges for the Sparks as well as "Key To Me" and "Hurray for Reading" Badges for the Brownies.
Next month is Healthy Living for both levels.

My unit is a mixed unit because we had some interest in having Sparks as well as Brownies this year. I only have 3 sparks (4 if you count LaLa Bear) and I have 8 Brownies... so that i total of 12 girls, plus Miss Bug who comes along to help and sometimes Mr. Chubbs comes too. So altogether it's 14 kids! Mr. Chubbs has been deemed the unit's "Little Brother and Mascot!" lol My Unit Girls love to cuddle him and he loves the attention (what man wouldn't LOVE 13 girls fawning over him!)
I better get ready for Sparks and Brownies.. it wouldn't do if the girls knew i was LATE!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Hubby

Well now... Let me tell you about my husband.
He's 30... he's almost exactly 2 years older than me (that would make me 28 ) We are both Virgos. It's weird being in love with another Virgo. We are best friends and are loyal to each other to the end. Best relationship ever right? For the most part, yes. But He and I are both super stubborn.. so there are arguments over who's right alot. Hubby like to be right. I don't blame him... I love to one up him and totally tell the whole world how right i am! lol
He is French you know... Not French Canadian.. but real, full blooded french. He was born in France, in Savoie. So not only is he stubborn and thinks he's always right .... he can tell you in many languages how right he is! It's hard being a Frenchman's wife... he can be such a bastard, jackass, jerk... you name it, he's it.
But here i am almost 6 years later and I'm still with him. I must love him or something. lol

Anyways, here's an update on what my hubby is doing right now.
Sunday Feb 6th he left home and headed to Estevan, Saskatchewan. Monday morning he arrived. Yup 1200 km's in 24 hours.
He got to a buddy's house and rested for a few hours then hit the snow and ice covered pavement to hunt for a Rig job. 2 companies want to hire him and he is starting Weds! Pretty awesome!
I hope he passes his physicals and gets on a rig soon. The faster he gets on the sooner he can come home!!!

For all the annoying qualities about my hubby... There are more good ones. He's loyal, kind, thoughtful, respectful, funny, loving, gentle.. and family oriented.
He's doing this for us. He's braving HARSH winter working conditions because he wants to best for us!
And THIS is why i love him so darn much!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Misbehaved Pup

Yes... We have a puppy. Her name is Belle. She will be 6 months old on Valentine's day. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog/ Entlebucher Cross.
She's misbehaved. She jumps out and bites the kids.  She runs at them and knocks them down. She barks and growls. If she does something bad she runs away and it's hard to catch her to give her a correction. This is all when she's off leash. When she's on her leash she listens! she's very good when on her leash. It's just off leash is an issue. I'm not sure how to fix this problem. I've read Cesar Milan's book "How to Raise the Perfect Puppy" and it wasn't what i thought it would be. Granted I ordered it by sight rather than reading some of it then buying it. (lesson learned!) So now I'm looking around for options. I've decided for the next few days, I will keep her on leash all the time. Inside the house and out. I'm hoping that my corrections and training sink in to her skull.
She is a great dog if you ignore the fact that she likes to use my children as teething toys. She's affectionate, lovable, laid back. Cesar would say that she's a medium level energy dog... a little higher than medium level energy. It's just when she's outside without a leash she thinks it's party time! and goes BONKERS!

Bug, the oldest, wants to return her. Belle tends to hone in on Bug though. she Targets Bug all the time and Bug has been bruised and scratched up many a time in the 4 months we've had Belle. I have no idea why Belle likes to eat Bug.. But i know it's got to stop.

Stay Tuned for Progress Reports!

A Somewhat Successful Night...

So I survived my first night alone with the kids. This in itself is an oxymoron. You aren't really alone if your with your kids, right? OH so wrong. You could be in a room full of people and still be alone. This was me last night.
I had all 3 kids with me, my in laws down stairs and I was still alone. Now I'm not actually trying to be negitive or depressing. It's just fact. SO i had gotten Mr. Chubbs down at 7pm, thinking "YES! an evening to myself" and the girls and I watched the special Glee that was on after the Super Bowl (Way to go PACKERS!) Then i sent them off to bed. although LalaBear seemed to have issue with the actual "go to bed now" part.
I sit down to watch something on tv, to relax, chill be ME for once. And low and behold, my wonderful "quiet evening" is shattered by the desperate cry of none other than.... Mr. Chubbs. Ah yes. The reluctant sleeper. My son hasn't slept through the night ONCE in his 16 months of life. My girls where doing this by 5 and 7 months of age. I am NOT used to this. Mr. Chubby sleeps in his crib which is sidecarred against out double bed. But let's face it people. He doesn't stay in his crib. He's a huge Mama suck and can not sleep well for long if his nose isn't pressed against my skin in some fashion.
So there i am it's 9pm and I'm trying to salvage what is left of my evening. Mr. Chubbs is wide awake and ready to party. So i decide that the best course of action (or in this case, no action) is to wait him out. He'll tire eventually, right?
Hahaha.... How gulliable I've become. it's midnight before i get to bed. I realize in that moment, the moment right before you drift off to sleep, that having Eric around played an important roll.
He's "The Magic Man" the one who tames our chubby beast to sleep.  I never really realized how important of a role he played before.  Considering that i went to bed at midnight and got up at 6:20 am in order to get Bug off to the bus on time, I'm not as tired as i thought i would be.
It's Preschool day today, and LalaBear loves her preschool. So now that I've had my norning shower (which i will admit isn't always a daily thing) I'll get LalaBear and Mr. Chubbs up and get ready to roll.

I'm prepared today. ready to take on the world. I have very few days like this.. It's a nice change.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The First Post

This is the first post on my Blog. This is what I'm going through right now.

My husband left today. No, it's not what you think. He's traveling to Saskatchewan to work as a leasehand on an oil rig. He will be gone for the next 30 days. I'm having a hard time with this, and he only just left today. See he and I haven't been away from each other for more than a few days, maybe a week at most. So knowing that i won't get to see him for the next 30 days just hits me right in the soul. Now I know i should feel lucky. My husband is gone for only a fraction of time compared to husbands who are also in the Military. The ones who are doing tours in Iraq and Afganistan. These Men (and women) leave thier families, thier children for months at a time. I know of one friend who is playing the waiting game as her husband does a 2nd tour over in Iraq. How she is able to continue on everyday is beyond me. I applaud her strength. I on the other hand.. Well I'm not so strong. My husband has been gone for 8 hours and I'm a mess inside. He called from Calgary to say he was stopping to rest and all was fine. Hearing his voice was a stab to the gut, no... The heart. I know that this is best for our family. The money he will make for one month on the rigs is more than double what he would make in a month at his old job. The reward for all this suffering is basically being able to get ahead of our debts and being able to travel with our kids and show them this wonderful world of ours.  Even knowing all that, it doesn't make the pain any less. I still miss him. I still wait for him to come around the corner with a funny joke or an interesting fact. My kids still think he's just gone to work and will be home for dinner. My middle child has been moping off and on all day. the baby seems to know that something's up and has been cranky all day. My Oldest is quiet.

Dear hunny... We miss you. Drive safe and come home soon.