The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Great Day Out

Today was a GREAT day!
As i mentioned in my earlier post we went skating then sledding today with some friends! Lala Bear Has never really been on skates before so this was a new experience for her. She of course fell on her bum many times, but over all had a GREAT time! And she did really well considering this was the first time. She was off "shimmying" on her own with in 10 minutes of being at the rink. The air was crisp and clean, the girls had lots of fun. Now, Mr. Chubbs on the other hand, fell asleep in the car on the way to the rink and so did not participate... My MIL took him home for me so he could rest. The poor boy was just totally wrecked and needed his sleep. So there i was with just my girls and we were having a grand time! It was back to how it was a few years ago when it was just the girls.... and Mr. Chubbs hadn't been born yet. It was nice to just be with my girls. It's something i don't get to do alot anymore. Mr. Chubbs takes up a lot of my time, even now at 16 months old. We had a great time. Then about an hour later we decided that we had had enough of skating. Well Lala Bear and her friend Sophia decided they had enough of skating, Bug on the other hand wanted to stay all day. I had to promise her that i would bring her back to the rink again this coming week... I'm not sure how I'll manage to do that quite yet.. it's a busy week!
So We all piled into our cars and Kim and Sophia (along with Bug and Lala Bear ) drove to our house for SLEDDING! woohoo!
I had to wrangle our puppy, Belle first though. After her muzzle and leash were on, she was allowed to join out party outside. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm trying to calm our 6 month old pup down a little but teaching her that it's not OK to jump up on and bite anyone. I saw that she was being good so i took off the leash. The later took of the muzzle. Ah... yeah not such a great idea as she ran down our sledding hill and promptly grabbed little Sophia's arm and dragged her down the hill still on the sled.  Oh boy! I was slightly embarrassed by her bad behaviour.
Regardless, we had a great time and the girls were soaked through their snow pants and jackets... After about an hour of hanging out on the hill with Kim and Sophia, we decided it was til to call it a day. We made plans to meet up tomorrow if we weren't busy and said goodbye.

We all went inside and just hung out til dinner, which was tomato soup with macaroni noddles in it.. yummy!
Now after the little ones have their bath (the little ones being Lala Bear and Mr. Chubbs) we are now about to go play Lego Harry Potter on the PS3.

Goodnight Blogging World, Sleep tight.

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