The Three

The Three
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The First Post

This is the first post on my Blog. This is what I'm going through right now.

My husband left today. No, it's not what you think. He's traveling to Saskatchewan to work as a leasehand on an oil rig. He will be gone for the next 30 days. I'm having a hard time with this, and he only just left today. See he and I haven't been away from each other for more than a few days, maybe a week at most. So knowing that i won't get to see him for the next 30 days just hits me right in the soul. Now I know i should feel lucky. My husband is gone for only a fraction of time compared to husbands who are also in the Military. The ones who are doing tours in Iraq and Afganistan. These Men (and women) leave thier families, thier children for months at a time. I know of one friend who is playing the waiting game as her husband does a 2nd tour over in Iraq. How she is able to continue on everyday is beyond me. I applaud her strength. I on the other hand.. Well I'm not so strong. My husband has been gone for 8 hours and I'm a mess inside. He called from Calgary to say he was stopping to rest and all was fine. Hearing his voice was a stab to the gut, no... The heart. I know that this is best for our family. The money he will make for one month on the rigs is more than double what he would make in a month at his old job. The reward for all this suffering is basically being able to get ahead of our debts and being able to travel with our kids and show them this wonderful world of ours.  Even knowing all that, it doesn't make the pain any less. I still miss him. I still wait for him to come around the corner with a funny joke or an interesting fact. My kids still think he's just gone to work and will be home for dinner. My middle child has been moping off and on all day. the baby seems to know that something's up and has been cranky all day. My Oldest is quiet.

Dear hunny... We miss you. Drive safe and come home soon.

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  1. Hooray for blogging!! I look forward to reading more about what you have to say. Thanks for the shout out. It is ok to miss your husband, no matter how long he is gone. It is hard on you and the kids, but you will find your own strength.