The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Somewhat Successful Night...

So I survived my first night alone with the kids. This in itself is an oxymoron. You aren't really alone if your with your kids, right? OH so wrong. You could be in a room full of people and still be alone. This was me last night.
I had all 3 kids with me, my in laws down stairs and I was still alone. Now I'm not actually trying to be negitive or depressing. It's just fact. SO i had gotten Mr. Chubbs down at 7pm, thinking "YES! an evening to myself" and the girls and I watched the special Glee that was on after the Super Bowl (Way to go PACKERS!) Then i sent them off to bed. although LalaBear seemed to have issue with the actual "go to bed now" part.
I sit down to watch something on tv, to relax, chill be ME for once. And low and behold, my wonderful "quiet evening" is shattered by the desperate cry of none other than.... Mr. Chubbs. Ah yes. The reluctant sleeper. My son hasn't slept through the night ONCE in his 16 months of life. My girls where doing this by 5 and 7 months of age. I am NOT used to this. Mr. Chubby sleeps in his crib which is sidecarred against out double bed. But let's face it people. He doesn't stay in his crib. He's a huge Mama suck and can not sleep well for long if his nose isn't pressed against my skin in some fashion.
So there i am it's 9pm and I'm trying to salvage what is left of my evening. Mr. Chubbs is wide awake and ready to party. So i decide that the best course of action (or in this case, no action) is to wait him out. He'll tire eventually, right?
Hahaha.... How gulliable I've become. it's midnight before i get to bed. I realize in that moment, the moment right before you drift off to sleep, that having Eric around played an important roll.
He's "The Magic Man" the one who tames our chubby beast to sleep.  I never really realized how important of a role he played before.  Considering that i went to bed at midnight and got up at 6:20 am in order to get Bug off to the bus on time, I'm not as tired as i thought i would be.
It's Preschool day today, and LalaBear loves her preschool. So now that I've had my norning shower (which i will admit isn't always a daily thing) I'll get LalaBear and Mr. Chubbs up and get ready to roll.

I'm prepared today. ready to take on the world. I have very few days like this.. It's a nice change.

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