The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Nothing, and Everything.
It's Saturday, The chores are pretty much done, No plans are on the horizon. Today is just a day.
So what does one do with  just a day? I spend it with my kids of course! We are going skating today at our outdoor community rink. A friend will be joining us as well. Then we will all head back to our home to use our awesome sledding hill!
It's funny, I'm usually the one who will hang out watching movies all day. I really am not a physical person at all. I was the girl in high school that would skip P.E on a daily basis because i hated it so darn much.
Lately though, I'm bored. TV is boring, my kids are insistent that we spend some quality time together in the snow. So I've gotten myself up and and ready to go... wanting nothing but a fun filled day.

Lala Bear has been vocalizing her emotions a lot lately. She misses her daddy a lot. She is telling friends and neighbours, heck! complete strangers about how much she misses him. It's hard for her. Although she is turning 5 in a few days ( 10 days!!) she doesn't quite understand that daddy doesn't come home from work every night anymore. It's so hard for me to explain this to her. We call him every night and that seems to help her a bit but she's been her daddy's right hand girl all her life and suddenly he isn't home. It's so sad to hear her talk about him. She's also been super sensitive lately as well. So I'm hoping a fun filled day with a best buddy (Our friends, Kim and her daughter Sophia) will help take her mind off missing her dad.
So here we go, off on a fun filled adventure to the skating rink! Lala Bear hasn't skated really before so we will see how it goes!

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