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The Three
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

At Home Businesses - La Bella Baskets

So as promised in my last post, here is the first installment of the At Home Business Post Thread!
I'm going to try every few days or so to interview a independant sales rep and post about a different at home business that you can join up with and run from your own home.

Today is La Bella Baskets!  Here is my interview with Gift Consultant, Jennifer McClain!

La Bella Baskets sells gift baskets for every occasion and then some! New baby on the way? They have baskets for that! New Graduate? They have baskets for that! It's Father's day and you want to give the husband or father in your life something special? They have a basket for that too!!! So check out the interview and contact Jen for more details!

Me: What is the history of La Bella Baskets as a company?
Jen: La Bella Baskets was founded by friends and co-founders Janis Rodriguez and Mia Florides, who formed the company to help single mom be able to work and support their children. La Bella Baskets has consultants throughout the United States. The company is based in Texas. Our products are made and ship from our warehouses in the United States. All orders are shipped with in 1-5 business day.
Our purpose is supporting single moms with hardships through our Baskets Of Smiles Program:-)

Me: What is it's BBB Rating?
Jen: We do not have a rating, because the company is still fairly new. They are 100% legit because I receive a check every 2 weeks and I received a w-2 form in the mail for taxes.(known as a T-4 in Canada!)  If you do a search, there is nothing but great reviews on La Bella Baskets.

Me: What was your life like before you joined La Bella Baskets?
Jen: My life was pretty boring with nothing to do while my son is in school and had no money, until I found La Bella Baskets. I'm meeting new friends and networking, which is so much fun!

Me: What made you look for legit at home businesses?
Jen: What made me want to look for a legit home business, is because I have been scammed so many times and never seemed to get anywhere and wasted my money on every other company I've done. So happy I found La Bella Baskets!!

Me: What is it about La Bella Baskets that made you want to work for them?
Jen: It's an affordable home business. I don't have to meet a quota, hold inventory, or put to much money into it.You get to make money 3 ways and I love that!:-) I also like the fact that the company has a purpose to support single moms.

Me: How do you draw your customers in?
Jen: I'm working on the marketing part of the business right now and have a feeling by this summer, I will have customers very soon. I am working on radio advertising, banner advertising, free listings, post cards etc.

Me: Why is La Bella Baskets such a great company to work for?
Jen: La Bella Baskets is a great company to work for because there is so much support, everyone is always helping you and giving you ideas to build your business. La Bella Baskets is always making things better and bigger for us consultants and customers. You are never alone, someone is always there to help:-) We are going residual next month, not mlm just one level:-)More new and great things are happening for the company, consultant and customers.

Me: What level of success have you achieved with La Bella Baskets?
I am still Gift consultant but I just won the Team Spirit Award, and I'm very close to being gift director soon:-) I also have been buliding a great Big team with our referral program.

Me:  What are your continuing goals for your at home business?
To help my team succeed and My goal is to make it to diamond gift   director one day:-) I have been doing so many ideas for marketing: Currently have a radio staion commercial ad broadcast over the radio, having a review for our womens spa gift basket, a banner on a vendor site, post cards being mailed out to churchs, events, etc, and working on being on an other radio station, I was offered to be on their wedding portal on their site along with radio stream ads. So doing a lot of marketing on our gift baskets.
  So There you have it folks! If you are tired of the rat race and just want to work from home while caring for your children.. consider La Bella Baskets as a choice of Home Business!

If you are interested in learning more about La Bella Baskets and becoming a part of Jen's Team
Please contact her!
804-238-5425 eastern time

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wanting Something Better...

I think it's an age old dilemma. There isn't enough hours in a day to do all that you need and want to do.
You have to provide for your family, and for most of us that means working outside the home. spending 8-12 hours a day away from our families. We work for a paycheck that in this economy doesn't cover all the bills. Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, and very few of us have money stashed away for emergencies.
My family and I are this way. With my hubby out of work because of a work related injury things are tight and I know I'm tired of it.
I want to be debt free, i want my children to be able to go to college and  not worry about needing student loans to help them pay for it. I want to have money saved in the bank so that if something happens we are ok. The icing on the cake for me would be being able to take my family on trips to places all over the world.

It's seems like most of us think the having some debt is normal. I don't think this way. Why would you be ok with  OWING someone else money that you've worked hard for?
There has to be a better way then killing ourselves working for minimum wage!

another dilemma is child care. If both parents work, then you're child(ren) have to go to daycare. Well the price for putting 2 in daycare (which would be what we would have to do) is alot, even with the government's child care subsidy. Most of the paycheck i would receive for work would go to paying for childcare... and what would be the point of that? If the point of working is to get ahead and your money is eaten up by childcare.... then you aren't getting ahead and merely surviving. I don't want to JUST survive.... i want to LIVE and enjoy it!

So, I'm on the hunt for a legitimate home based businesses. something i can work from my home computer and make some decent money at. Enough money that will help pay the bills and push us ahead.

I'll be putting up ideas on here about home based businesses in the weeks to come, as i weed out the scams and learn more about different businesses.
If you are interested, keep your eye out on the coming blog posts!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who cares! A Dog is a Dog.. Right?

I've been thinking a lot lately about our pets and how we treat them. We have 2 dogs on our farm. A 8 year old Flanders Bouvier/Rottweiler cross named Moustashe. He was named that because he has one, a characteristic of the Bouvier side of him. Belle is the newest addition to our farm, She is an almost 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog/ Entlebucher Sennehund cross. If you aren't sure as to what a Entlebucher is... click here for more details. We found her though a family friend who's mother in law breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs. She also has a Entlebucher Female, who had a date with her Bernese Male  and VOILA! Puppies!  The Breeder, some would call a backyard breeder. I don't consider that so. Why you ask? Well because The Breeder went to high quality breeders for Belle's parents. The dogs are papered and have proof of pedigree. The dogs are healthy, given check ups before a breeding, genetic testing is done to ensure that the puppies will not inherit any genetic issues. Backyard breeders don't do this. They don't spend the time or money on this. Most backyard breeders just breed because they either didn't get the dog fixed or they think it would be a fun thing to do..maybe even make a little money on the side. It's just a Dog right? so it won't matter.
This is SO wrong to me. Breeding is so much more than just putting two dogs together and seeing what happens. A great breeder looks at each potential match like a General looks at a battle plan. The match is scrutinized again and again, attributes of each pair are judged and discussed many times before Anything takes place. Great Breeders breed for health, temperament, quality pedigree then for color and look. This isn't something they leave to chance. The breed of dog they chose is their passion and life's work. They want excellent puppies that will show off all the great things they love about their breed.

This brings me to Puppy Mills.

Here is the Wikipedia on Puppy Mills  
The dogs that are used in Puppy Mills are usually of poor quality to begin with. They have genetic abnormalities such as hip dysplasia, heart issues and respiratory conditions such as pneumonia. These are passed on to all the puppies these animals produce. More often than not, Puppy Mills breed there females on every heat Which runs down the mothers and there for the mother ends up unable to produce as many puppies or to properly nurse them.  The animals are kept in unsanitary conditions and small cages/kennels For all of their lives.They aren't socialized, aren't loved, are shown any compassion. In some puppy mills the dogs are so mistreated that you might find a few dead animals among the live ones. They are bred with out the thought of genetics and purely for profit.

Most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. they also are usually quite aware of the conditions inside puppy mills. It's all about supply and demand. The public sees that cute little puppy in the window of the pet store and on sight buys it, this makes room for a new puppy to be put in the window. The public demands, a puppy mills supplies. The public is usually un aware that the puppy they just bought has a genetic heart defect that will eventually kill it with in a matter of months. The Vet bills for that cute puppy in the pet store window can be expensive and in the end futile. It's a heart breaking cycle.

I'm not saying that everyone should buy pure bred dogs (or cats) and I'm not saying that mixes are bad either. What I'm saying is, most pet stores have their bottom line to think of, not their products.
There are many great dogs waiting at your local SPCA or Shelter for their forever home. They are usually cheaper to adopt than ones from a pet store, they are up to date with all their shots, dewormings and usually come already fixed. Yes those puppies in the pet store are awfully cute, but for every dog bought from a pet store, 3 dogs are put to sleep in shelters, just because of the lack of space.

If we stop buying puppies (or kittens) from pet stores, then the pet store will stop ordering them from Puppy mills. With no business coming in, the puppy mill will have to close it's doors. This will end the mistreatment of puppy mill dogs.

I believe that it's our duty as human beings to do right by our canine companions. They give us something no other animal  (including some humans) give us. Unconditional  Love and Acceptance. In return all they want is good food, warm shelter and a chance to be happy and live a good life. It's our job to make sure they receive all these things and good health care.
When we got Belle we knew that her health was in our hands. She is currently up to date with all her shots and is scheduled to be spayed next week to ensure that she stays in good health and does not have puppies. We are not interested in adding to the puppy population.  She and Moustashe are enough for us.

If you are interested in more information about Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders check out these websites

No Puppy Mills Canada
Best Friends Animal Society
Humane Society

Let's take care of our pets and strive to make sure that no pet is homeless.