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The Three
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

P.I.E Parenting Isn't Easy

So I'm taking a Parenting class. I've done a few in my life since having children. It's not mandatory that i go to theses classes or anything, I'm going because i want to!  Imagine that! Anyways.. P.I.E stands for Parenting Isn't Easy and so far I'm having a good time with it.
The first meeting was last week and we talked about Self Care (for parents) and Self Esteem for Children. Here is what i learned.

Self Care is important to all parents. You can't care for someone else properly unless you are feeling properly cared for as well. Here are some tips to help with Self Care

Discover a Simple Pleasure: this can be something as small as getting up 10 minutes earlier to grab a cup of joe before the house stirs. Having a chance to collect your thoughts in silence before everyone wakes can help keep your sanity. and we all know that a sane mum or dad is a good thing.
Keep a Sane Pace: this means slow down! Stop rushing! you will see a change in yourself and your children if you slow down.

Give Yourself an extra 10 minutes: This would go along with keeping a sane pace as well. If you  set up an extra 10 minutes to do everything in your daily routine then You won't be rushing and causing panic in yourself and children. Peaceful days means peaceful nights! If you aren't rushed all the time you are able to focus better, relax and enjoy your children, who  in turn will relax around you. It's win/win.

Think of taking care of your home like Building a Bridge: You don't build a bridge in one day! It takes planning and time. Plan to do a certain amount of home management a day and that's it until the house is clean. Don't drive yourself crazy over it.

Stay Healthy: Eat Right! Drink Water: If you are at peak performance you are better able to give your children the best of you. This means getting enough sleep as well.

Create a Selfish Ritual: Find something you love to do and do it without guilt. This can be hard sometimes, especially for those of us who subscribe to "Mommy's Home Martyr" If you can't get away, how do you expect to stay sane? Don't feel guilty for leaving your little ones with a friend or a family member for a few hours. If you are refreshed and rejuvenated... your children will be too. Ab stance makes the heart grow fonder!

Self Esteem in Children
Well I got this handy little fridge magnet on 20 ways to show kids you care... Here is what it says:
1) Notice Them
2) Giggle Together
3) Tell them their feelings are okay.
4) Smile a lot.
5) Listen to them.
6) Share their excitement.
7) Be Nice.
8) Play with them.
9) Tell them of Terrific they are.
10) Cuddle them.
11) Read Together.
12) Make Time to Be with them.
13) Be Yourself.
14) Say Yes a lot.
15) Accept them as they are  (very important)
16) Hug them.
17) Be relaxed.
18) Build something together.
19) Be available.
20) Love them no matter what.

Hopefully this post will help you out in some way. Being in the P.I.E program has helped to remind me that sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Tomorrow will be about this Weeks installment of P.I.E  all about Daily Rituals, Traditions and Schedules and well as How Children Learn Through Play. Stay Tuned!

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