The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Happy, Hectic Day

 So far today is a happy, hectic day for us here! This morning was Playgroup! Every Wednesday from 10am til 12pm a bunch of us moms get together with our kids and hang out. Well today was our Valentine's Party! We had food, Fun and there was tines of new babies there as well! All those cute babies makes me want another one ASAP! lol

After lunch it's Sparks and Brownies for me and my girls! Well technically Miss Bug is a Guide now but she likes to hang out with us. Lala Bear is an Honorary Spark Member as she has to be in Kindergarten to be a Spark and she doesn't start Kindergarten until this coming September. Anywho, This weeks is going to be about the Chinese New Year, which we would have done last week but we had to cancel the meeting because the other leader was very sick. So We're doing Chinese New Year this week and working on our Invitations to next week's meeting which is "Bring a Friend" Day!

I really enjoy being a leader for Girl Guides of Canada. I enjoy my sparks (k-grade 1) and my brownies (grades 2-3) and have a great time with them! So far we have worked on our "Being a Spark" and "Being Me" Badges for the Sparks as well as "Key To Me" and "Hurray for Reading" Badges for the Brownies.
Next month is Healthy Living for both levels.

My unit is a mixed unit because we had some interest in having Sparks as well as Brownies this year. I only have 3 sparks (4 if you count LaLa Bear) and I have 8 Brownies... so that i total of 12 girls, plus Miss Bug who comes along to help and sometimes Mr. Chubbs comes too. So altogether it's 14 kids! Mr. Chubbs has been deemed the unit's "Little Brother and Mascot!" lol My Unit Girls love to cuddle him and he loves the attention (what man wouldn't LOVE 13 girls fawning over him!)
I better get ready for Sparks and Brownies.. it wouldn't do if the girls knew i was LATE!

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