The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Friday, March 25, 2011

There comes a time when...

When you lose the baby, but gain the boy.....

So Mr. Chubbs has really long hair. Since the day he was born until yesterday he was a shaggy little man. People would coo at us about how cute our baby girl was, even though that "she" was dressed as a He and doesn't really look like a girl at all.
Yesterday,  We chopped it all off. I held him on my lap as the very nice hair dresser started using the buzz clippers to buzz off his long dirty blonde locks. I held in my remorse as i watched her take one swipe after the other, the sound of the clippers chewing away my son's hair. I knew this had to be done, but as more hit the floor, i felt the protective mama bear in me want to shout out "NO! No more! This is the hair he was born with! He's my baby!" I wrangled that mama bear, and the tears. Oh boy did i want to cry. It seems silly, i know. But that hair was the last resonance of his infancy. The last bit of him that made him my baby boy. Now, he's almost 18 months old.. No longer that newborn baby boy, He's his own man now. With interests and dislikes all his own. When i think about it, the fact that I will never have a newborn of my own again, that this boy child is my last... Seeing that hair fall to the floor pangs me. It's like a arrow through my heart.

He doesn't look like my baby boy anymore, instead, a big boy has replaced him. And I love this new big boy, just as much as i loved that baby boy.... I'm excited to see who this big boy turns out to be.. But i think, mostly because he is the last baby I will ever have, I will grieve for that baby for a little while.

My Mr. Chubbs looks adorable in his new hair cut, ready to take on the world i think. I love it And I'm sure glad we had it cut. Here are the before and after photos of my big boy.


 Aww my little Sweet Boy

My Handsome Man!

Seeing Him grow makes life worth it for me.... So Goodbye My Sweet Baby Boy and Welcome To my new Little Man!

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  1. aw! so cute! he's so big already! seems like yesterday we were waiting for you to have him! (we cut coles hair the other day too, it was soo long and now he looks so big! sniff!)