The Three

The Three
Bug, Mr. Chubbs and LalaBear May 2010

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Miss Cherryville.....

It's JUNE! where'd the time go! Well now that we are into the start of summer, although i must say it's not really looking like summer here most days, more like a wet spring. None the less it's working it's way toward hot days and warm nights.

On June 4th was the start of Cherryville Days! basically a big party for the community. and every year they have a Miss Cherryville pageant. Now This isn't the Toddlers and Tiaras type of pageant. We don't do outrageous hair, spray on tans and flippers. Oh now! This is Cherryville! We have more Cows than Humans here! So  we just have our girls in nice dresses and they answer a few questions about cherryville, then the community votes on who should be Miss Cherryville.

This year, Bug and Lala Bear decided that they wanted to be in the pageant. How it works is that you have a Queen and a Princess, working as a team.. so if you vote for one girl you vote for the team. Also, Each team represents  the road they live on so my girls, were Miss Creighton Valley Rd.
They girls got to walk in the parade, they were up on stage answering questions and generally just had a good time. The next morning was "Crowning"

Unfortunately, My girls didn't win, Miss Cherryville. Bug was very upset about it all. I can understand that. she was very sure that she'd win and when she didn't it hit her like a tonne of bricks. Poor little thing. but I had told her many times that she shouldn't just assume that she would win. I also think that family members of the winning team voted more than once. I just think that's a bit unfair. I also think that the pageant should have a Queen, Princess and then their "court" so that the girls who didn't get the title of Queen or Princess, still get a title. That way everyone wins. We actually had a group from a nearby community in our parade and they were the "Royalty" of that area. A Queen, Princess and their court... they even had Jesters! very cute! I think Cherryville should have the same thing. I also think that there should be something similar for the boys in our community as well. But since I didn't plan it, I have no say. I might try to be on planning board for next year so i can put my 2 cents in.

We did have a good time all around though. Lots of Sun, Lots of Fun.
Here are some pictures!!

My Princesses!!

Lala Bear saying "Vote For Me!!"

My Lovely Bug!

Me and the Littles!!!

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